Pictured above: A well kept backyard with a swimming pool is a significant investment. A heated pool gets you maximum enjoyment from your backyard investment. A solar heated pool can double your comfortable swimming season with zero operating cost for electricity or gas.

Solar Pool Heating

A solar pool heater can double your comfortable swim season in a warm pool.

If you’re like most Florida pool owners, you probably swim from around mid-May to mid-September. That’s only four months of swimming. For the other eight months, your pool is too cold for comfort even with Florida’s great climate. Wouldn’t it be great if you and your family could be outdoors enjoying a warm pool for nine to ten months every year?

With today’s propane gas prices, you can own a solar pool heating system for about what it would cost to heat your pool with gas for just one season! Yes, really.

The two charts below show the difference in average seasonal pool temperatures that are possible with a solar pool heating system.

Solar pool heaters last longer.

Today’s solar pool heaters—backed by more than 40 years of actual field experience—are made from a special ultraviolet resistant blend of polypropylene plastic that will deliver free solar energy to your pool for at least 25 years. The plastic is not affected by the chlorine in pool water.

Gas pool heaters, unfortunately, are made of metal. The burners and pipes corrode and need replacement every five to seven years. Also, a gas heater loses efficiency every year, so it costs more to operate each year even without fuel price inflation.

State-certified performance

Our solar pool heaters are certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center for durability and thermal performance.

And you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your system will be installed by American Solar, a leading solar pool heating contractor with thousands of satisfied customers.

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