How to Buy a Solar Power System for Your Home

Buying a solar power system has never been easier. It has the potential to save you thousands of dollars and give you security in trying times when utility electric power may not be available. Even though it is easy, caution should be taken when deciding to purchase a system for your home.

The main thing to consider when looking to purchase solar power for your home is this: BE SURE TO HIRE A FLORIDA STATE LICENSED SOLAR CONTRACTOR. In this internet age, you may get a quote from someone who doesn’t even have an office in the area where you live. Even worse, it may be that the company selling you the system doesn’t have installers on their payroll so they sub it out to others. “Others” may be just a guy and a truck that hires labor of the street to install the system.

By contacting us, buying a solar power system is Easy, Safe and Guaranteed.

1. Easy: This step is simple, just click on the link button below and fill out the form. We will call you to set up a time to come visit, give you are free analysis of your solar energy potential and provide a written quote for the solar power system. There is never any pressure to purchase a system. Our goal is to give you the best information on the best products at the best price. We only offer premium solar equipment that carry the best warranties available.

2. Safe: Our company, Solar Energy Labs, is a Florida State Certified Solar Energy Contractor, License number CVC56672. Selling and Installing Solar Power Systems in Florida is a State regulated process. It has to be to protect you, the homeowner, from scams and unlicensed solar installations. There are hundreds of solar companies that can be found on the Internet. Many of them offer to estimate how much you could save with a solar power system by filling out a form. Beware, these companies make money by asking you to provide your contact information, which they sell to solar contracting companies from all over the United States. All too often, the “company” can be salesman or an installer with a van with no office, working through a contractor whose office may be hundreds of miles away. If you live in Jacksonville and bought a solar system form someone who is really in Miami, how are they going to service your system from there?

3. Guaranteed: We only offer world class solar power components covered by 20 to 25 year warranties. When you buy from us you know exactly what you are going to have installed on your home.

Summary: Call us for a fair quote on a safe, reliable solar power system that can save you money now and long into the future while providing security for your home and family.